Transportation Services

R.J. Haynie & Associates installs and maintains transportation systems for commercial, municipal, state and local applications. There are many components which directly impact the ultimate success of the transportation and lighting systems we construct and maintain. Most notably there systems are:
  • Traffic Signals
  • Overhead Signs
  • ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems)
  • Highway and Sports Lighting
  • CCTV (Closed Circuit) Cameras and Video Detection Units
  • Permanent Changeable Message Signs
There are many components involved in the construction and implementation of a typical transportation system. These include:
  • Pole Foundation Excavation and Construction
  • Conduit Installation - Trenching and Directional Boring
  • Underground Networks- Duct Banks and Manholes
  • Structure Erection
  • Underground Cable Installation
  • Aerial Cable Construction
  • Power Service Points
  • Traffic Signal, Message Board, Sign and Lighting Fixture Installation
  • Complete System Testing
  • Ongoing Routine and Emergency Maintenance
  • Routine and Non-Routine Upgrades

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